4 Pack "MOTION SENSOR" Model MSL-3

4 Pack 

Solar Powered  "MOTION SENSOR" Gutter Light

          "NEW- MSL-3 Model"- Super Bright

                                      Motion Sensor Light comes on as you come up to your door and goes off in 30 seconds. 

                                                                   FOR INDOOR or OUTDOOR USE

Use inside the home for Instant ON/OFF Lighting for Bathroom, Bedroom, Garages and Sheds. Charge Once and a Single Charge Lasts for Weeks of USE. Great Emergency Solar Back up Light Capable of over 2000 re-charges! Patented Multi-use attachment bar slides behind most bathroom mirrors so no more blinding lights in the middle of the night. No need to turn on a switch to check the kids. Turns On and off automatically. 

4 Pack "MOTION SENSOR" Model MSL-3
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